Couples Counseling

About EFT for Couples: 

Is your heart broken? 

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship? 

The joy in your marriage disappeared? 

The passion is gone? 

Your soulmate turned into a dragon or a sloth? 

Maybe you feel hopeless and fear that your relationship is over? 

Maybe you have imagined that life with your partner would always be romantic and that you would always feel connected and close to your partner? That your sex life would always be exciting and fulfilling? Or that you would always be cherished and respected by your partner? That you would be listened to and appreciated? That your partner would be your life long friend with whom you could share every thought and intimate experience?

Instead you find yourself angry and distant, and defensive. Sex has become either routine and/or infrequent? Maybe you find that instead of having fun together and having meaningful conversations, you either argue or make plans with your friends so you avoid each other. And small everyday conversations are leading to explosive fights?

Maybe you have heard that couples therapy didn’t work for other people you have talked to? Afraid that therapy will make thinks worse than they already are or that it doesn’t work?

What if there was a proven method to rebuild your relationship? 

What if there was a way that helped you learn how to create successful partnerships based on research that was done with ‘real’ couples like you? What if there was a way to re-establish the joy of a passionate relationship where your feel cared for and listened to? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to re-build your relationship so that it’s once again filled with compassion, exhilaration and intimate connection?

Most people end up in relationships that have not lived up to their expectations. As a result, they feel stuck and unsatisfied. Various life stressors contribute to the distance in their relationship…. leaving couples feeling hopeless, dejected and resigned to having an unfulfilling partnership in their life. Often they may feel frustrated, resentful and angry towards their partner. For many, unresolved conflicts can lead to an affair and/or feeling stuck in a vicious cycle of distant, stagnant or explosive interactions with… the very person they love the most.

This does NOT mean that your relationship can’t be saved. Through implementing the proven tools and techniques that comprise the research-validated therapy method, together we can:

  1. Resolve current conflict and past resentments
  2. Re-establish the connection and joy in your relationship
  3. Create an intimacy filled with affection and trust

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