Individual Counseling

Tired of feeling depressed, fearful, overwhelmed?

Exhausted, stressed out, over committed, in physical pain, cannot sleep? 

Want to resolve conflict in your relationships? 

Want peace of mind and heart? 

Looking for what works for you rather than a theory or approach?  My focus is on finding what works…. for you. You are a unique individual with a unique history. One size does not fit all. My first task when we meet is to find out from you what works for you. I have many skills and tools to offer. Sometimes it means exploring and experimenting in a safe way what works.

Want to make friends with yourself rather than live in conflict, fear and pain?

Want a safe and confidential place to explore new ways of feeling, thinking and being in the world and with yourself? 

I offer a safe haven for you to heal. Together we can create a partnership that focuses on your needs. I trust your ability to find your way ‘home’ . I am humbled by the human spirit and the incredible strength and courage it takes to heal.

I know that when the journey seems overwhelming, it is hard to remember that the longest journey begins with the first step. Together we will create a plan that will focus on one step at a time…. until you are ready to fly on your own.

Call 509-979-HELP (4357) now to find out how I can help you make your life better, brighter, and filled with JOY. 

Click on my FAQ page here to get your questions answered.

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