Success Stories

We came to therapy at our wit’s end about how to save our marriage.  We couldn’t seem to talk about the weather, much less anything important.

Kim gave us tools that we could use immediately, and helped each of us to see each other’s communication styles and their place and value in our marriage.

I really came to appreciate and see through Kim’s guidance the very special things about my husband, and he began to not only see the same in me, but express his appreciation of them to me.  What a gift!

Our previous experience with other therapists was different … they either seemed connect and work with just one of us, or didn’t seem to care.  Kim was really curious about each of us and they way we ‘worked’.

I would recommend Kim to anyone who has any issue in their life they need to work with.

B & K
Louisville, Colorado

Working with Kim has brought such a gift to my husband and me! She helped me to open my heart again to him. With her help, we are learning to trust and let go of the rage, blame and anger that had collected in our 18+ year marriage. She gave us real life tools to utilize when we get into frustrating situations.  With her help we are becoming a vital couple again.  She is very skillful and knowledgeable. If you are struggling and you want help, I recommend her without reservation.

B & R
Erie, Colorado

“Kim is a compassionate and and very knowledgeable therapist with extensive experience and a true passion for helping people live better lives. She is a great resource if you are looking for proven ways to build better relationships and enhance your quality of life. She will do what it takes to help you become more fulfilled and balanced.”

Kevin Doherty, L.Ac.
licensed acupuncturist in Superior, CO.

I would highly recommend Kim for any counseling needs, When I first came to Kims office, I was over committed, exhausted, stressed out, and dealing with some significantly traumatic memories from my childhood.I was in physical pain, and I could not sleep. My husband and I were raising 3 teenagers. I was working full time, teaching and finishing my own education.

Kim helped me to identify the root of my issues as PTSD. I requested that we work through EMDR. After almost a year of counseling, I came out with and entirely new perspective. I was able to understand and accept myself. I found new ways to be satisfied with my life and my accomplishments.

Erie, Colorado

Kim is an outstanding therapist who helped me clear my mind and heart, and deal with my past. She took me on a powerful journey to my past which helped me to reconcile issues of intimacy anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. I came to Kim with lots of mental health issues; dealing with an unfaithful wife, inability to show intimacy and questioning what it means to be a man.

Go into therapy with a desire to face your pain, deal with the past and accept the challenge of transforming yourself. Be willing to try new things and be vulnerable. Kim can help you reach a new level of self awareness that allows you to … be yourself,and love yourself. Go… your mind and heart will change for the better!

Lafayette, Colorado

“Thanks so very much for all of your support during a very hard period. It made a tremendous change in our relationship, which, because of your guidance, still exists.”

J & D
a couple from Boulder, Colorado

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